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Mojo Vision Showcases Early Stage Prototype of Smart Lens with Built in Screen

A new Silicon Valley startup is attempting to build the “world’s first true smart contact lens,” placing a screen against eyes that can enhance the vision of the world.

The startup, Mojo Vision, showcased an early prototype in conferences at CES last week and is now prepared to start talking in regards to the product’s development.

Mojo Vision hopes to engineer the first smart contact lens that may help people with low vision by displaying enhanced overlays of the world, sharpening details, or zooming in to help them see.

However, that reality seems to be far away. The prototype displayed at CES included a green, monochromatic display that was wired to a big battery, and the firm still needs to get a license from the Food and Drug Administration to ship to shoppers, particularly for its medical use cases.

Mojo’s tech is built into a tough scleral lens, which has a bulbous portion that sits barely above the surface of the attention.

Mojo Vision claims to have a 14,000 PPI display as well as a picture sensor, radio, and motion sensor that will likely be integrated to help overlay and stabilize images.

While Mojo showcased a lens that it says includes all of these components, it did not demonstrate a working unit of it.

The display technology seemingly worked when held near the eye, but required an external battery and processor to function.

The startup says folks would have to disinfect their contacts nightly and that it’d recharge through an exclusive induction arrangement.

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